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Our initial research for the documentary Semisweet: Life in Chocolate has taken us on a journey around the world, from Northern Ontario and Middle America, and all the way to Paris and the Cote D’Ivoire. The documentary raises some important political and social issues associated with chocolate production. From its inception the purpose of the documentary is to build awareness about fair trade issues. But we don’t want to leave the viewer with a feeling of helplessness and despair. Which is why we’ve created the choco-locate website and mobile app to help chocolate lovers locate chocolates according to their tastes. As the trail from the cacao fields to store shelves becomes longer and more mysterious, we are all hungry for knowledge and wish to regain control over what we eat. We are all aware of the social and economic repercussions of our purchases, and the healthy or harmful effects of what we put in our mouths. And we would all like to be responsible and informed consumers. Welcome to the first interactive project devoted to chocolate – which which includes choco-locate.com,and the choco-locate iPhone app plus a mobile website choco-locate.com. Firm believers in building community, we want you to take these tools into your real life – Link them to your facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also use the tools to organize chocolate tastings, meetups, and review and rate the ever-expanding chocolate stores in our directory. This is just the beginning. Help us to raise awareness of the issues surrounding fair trade cocoa production, build crowd sourced resources for conscious consumers, and create a community of chocolate lovers that suits the needs of your busy life.

-Lalita Krishna Producer, CHOCO-LOCATE

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Our Team

Lalita Krishna

Lalita Krishna

Lalita Krishna is a Toronto based filmmaker and transmedia producer. Her work has been broadcast on all major networks in Canada, and featured at film festivals around the world.

Lalita’s Interactive documentaries are produced with award winning game producers and mobile developers. As the Co-Chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada’s Toronto chapter, Lalita oversees DOCShift a two year initiative to develop the core capacity of producers to create interactive documentaries using a variety of delivery platforms.

Lalita sits on the Board of Hot Docs- North America’s leading documentary film festival. Lalita is a featured speaker at prestigious conferences and professional development events.

Lalita has been awarded the DreamCatcher Award for using her craft to better humanity and is the recipient of the 2010 Reel World Trailblazer award.

Pria, Featured Blogger


“Take a deep breath. Let it melt on your tongue. Let the smells enter your memory. Tell me what you feel…”

This is how Pria dramatically awakens the senses of her audience. Thirty young learners have their eyes closed and their minds open. They are asked to place something on their tongue. What is it? In less than a minute, words flow forth with unprecedented animation: Chocolate! Sweet, milky, yummy, bubbly, smooth, sticky, still in my mouth- I want more - CHOCOLATE! Here, Pria’s audience is a class of young, new Canadians. As they struggle to learn English, and the sweet treat loosens their tongues. Their inhibitions are chased away by the melting of an evocative substance, and they are able join Pria as she journeys through time and place, recreating history through popular anecdotes and fascinating facts.

Pria is a self proclaimed “bon vivant”. A master teacher, world traveler and food history enthusiast, she charms people of all ages with her effervescent personality and dynamic sense of whimsy. Pria loves to turn any subject on its head, engaging an audience by linking unusual points of view and examining history through new lenses.


Hillary, Featured Blogger


Hillary is just your average chocoholic with the daunting task of hitting the Toronto pavement and exploring everything chocolate all the time.

Stay tuned as this run-of-the-mill gal get’s her taste buds transformed by Toronto’s best chocolatiers and investigates each chocolate shop one by one. They should have an app for that, oh wait, now we do!

Truffle by truffle join Hillary on her journey into the richest and creamiest chocolate Toronto has to offer. She is determined to show you that good things come in minimal packaging. Raw, vegan, organic, fair trade, you name it, Hillary will find it.

Check out her featured store articles about chocolatiers in Toronto, Hamilton and the Niagara region here: http://choco-locate.com/shops/, as well as her featured blog about the experience or download the free app on an iPhone near you!

Michael Allcock, Featured Blogger


Michael Allcock is an independent writer, director and narrator. As a writer, Michael Allcock has been working in film and television for over 10 years.

His first documentary, Cass, was showcased at Hot Docs 2000 and won both the Best Short Documentary and Best of the Festival award at the Yorkton Film Festival. More recently, he penned the documentaries The Rise and Fall of the Grumpy Burger (TVO & Hot Docs 2007) and Vimy Ridge: From Heaven to Hell (History) -- for which he was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Documentary Program or Series. Various series credits include Final 24 (Global), Forensic Factor (Discovery) and Human Prey (Animal Planet).

Michael is delighted to be a part of the team of Semisweet as Writer/Director. Semisweet is his first full-length documentary.


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