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The asked-for and long-awaited Chocolate Tour

hillary — 4 years ago

Tasty Tours is at it again with their second tour hitting the Toronto pavement, this time a chocolate tour of the ever trendy, Trinity Bellwoods strip. Toronto foodies can expect to wet their whistles on all things chocolate, from facts to fondue there’s something chocolate for everyone. These shoes are made for walking and this belly needs to be full! Chocoholics unite (insert three long strides, jump, high five)!

Soma Clusters
Audrey Ooi is the girl genius behind Tasty Tours and believe me she has done her homework. If you think you know your chocolate, think again. Audrey is full of tasty facts, letting chocolate lovers in on how chocolate is made from bean to bar.

Soma Interior
Tour Group at Soma
The tour begins at a SOMA’s newest location at King and Bay. And these guys know how to make organic, fair trade look sexy. With intense Amazonian and Mayan chocolate shots it’s hard to concentrate on the tour. If you thought chocolate is just a candy, think again! Soma gets it’s beans from over 15 different country and offers an array of single origin bars that will make you laugh in the face of convenience store brand bars. Audrey is smart to begin at SOMA, to really give tour-goers a taste of the real chocolate landscape in Toronto. Amateurs fill up at SOMA, I know better (the tour has just begun) and I take my Madagascar, Criollo 70% bar to go. *My tip: Take a sample of the Old School bar ($2) at the front cash and see if you like the taste of vintage chocolate like our ancestors used to make.

After finishing our single origin sample and touring SOMA’s chocolate facility, we are on the move. Audrey doesn’t miss a beat and we are off to the heart of King West. Standing beside Audrey is like walking with a human pastry and chocolate encyclopaedia. She is a wealth of knowledge and it’s easy to tell this is her passion.

the young dessert
We have conveniently stopped in front of Alimento’s food emporium. The group piles in and we are quickly greeted by the owner, who is all smiles. The enthusiasm for Italian cuisine and the true history of food is contagious at Alimento. And then we were handed the most beautiful Tiramisu I have ever seen in my life. Moist, light, yet creamy and rich- perfecto! Did you know Tiramisu is a young dessert? It has only be around since 1983. It’s direct translation is ‘pick me up’ and it did indeed! I grab some Amedei chocolate pralines for later and we are off.

Delight Caramel
The tour is moving quickly to our next stop Delight! It certainly lives up to its name. And with handmade, organic, LFP, fair trade chocolate, it’s a feel good choice. Grapefruit and chilli, Mojito or Walnut Fleur De Sel truffle? How does one decide? I pick the refreshing Mojito and sample the Quebec Blue Cheese Ice Cream on my way out!
Chocolate Wall
Now by this point I am getting pretty stuffed and we are only half way. My biggest advice, come on an empty stomach and bring a Tupperware. You have been warned! Hit the pavement and eat your way through the glory that is downtown Toronto. I don’t want to give away all of Audrey’s secrets so I will leave out some of the other stops on the tour. But let me tell you, they are pretty sweet.

I will let you in on one little secret: Green Tea Kit Kat, moist chocolate macaroons and savoury crepes!

Sign up for a tour today at & when you mention the promo 'chocolocate' get 20% off until the end of June!

*Photo's curtsey of Carmen Cheung

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