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Awaken Your Pallet

chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

A quaint and cozy new chocolate shop has opened up in the Beaches and is giving the other chocolate stores in the neighborhood a run for their money. The return of long time resident and business owner Sharon Shoot with her new store Chocolate by Wickerhead is greeted with a big welcome, “Thank heaven she’s returned," exclaimed one local. With ‘oh my god’ truffles and moist creamy fillings I just might have to agree.

handmade bars
Chocolatier Sharon Shoot is running this one-woman show with a smile on her face. She literally does everything. She laughs, “I am the one who makes the chocolates, cleans the windows and washes the dishes”. Entering Sharon’s shop is like a warm hug, she is inviting and delightful much like her chocolates. Kind of like that cook you wish your partner could be. Everything is made on the premises with only the best and freshest ingredients, and it’s definitely evident in the taste of each chocolate. The fillings melt on your tongue and light up your pallet. Her flavors are better than a cup of coffee to awaken the senses. And that says a lot coming from this caffeine crazed writer. Sharon worked with chocolate corporately for years and is known famously for her Belgian chocolate covered popcorn. BlogTO refers to it as ‘crack popcorn’. But when the opportunity to start her own chocolate store landed in her lap, she jumped at the chance. “It’s perfect, it’s charming and it’s in the right area. This part of the city is very artisan, so people are much more open to trying things that are handmade and paying for it,” says Sharon.

To read more about Wickerhead and it's cocoa selection, go here

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