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Be Vocal, Get Local

hillary — 3 years ago

Start thinking local, not global. Less stuff more life, right? When it comes to our food consumers are asking the tough questions. How does the food on my plate get all the way to my table? What’s my carbon footprint? Simply, where is this food coming from?!?! Now don’t get your stomach all tied up in a knot. There are simple solutions for consumers that want to take the next step in developing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Two words, ‘Farmers Markets’. Get to know that husky farmer man, who turns his crops and can tell you what’s in season because he has actually touched the crop you are about to cut up and throw into your stir fry. Talk to the earth muffin who made that cheese that is going to make you melt. Choco-locate visited some unknown territory last weekend and hung out at the Evergreen Brick Works farmers market to get to know their local farmer and yes, tell people about our app.

Raving Radish
As consumers grow more and more thirsty about gaining the knowledge of the products they devour farmers markets seems to be the most natural solution. Choco-locate got to talking to our neighboring booths at the Farmers Market and quickly found out that local rules!

Farmers’ Market features the best of the season, with a fabulous assortment of fruits, vegetables, wild fish, meat, cheese, milled flours, eggs and oils—all from local farmers. We ate it all from purple carrots, to tofu jerky, fresh artisan baked bread and delightful vegan cupcakes.

More friends
There is something so welcoming and inviting about the community that has been built at Evergreen. Everyone is so friendly and willing to talk about their products with ease and a sample here and there. It felt like visiting with a long-lost relative. A family reunion if you will. It was hard to swallow the fact that we were still in Toronto. Food really is moving full circle and although chocolate cannot really ever been considered local.

Choco Consumer
As a chocolate consumer, there are people and companies you can support that use local ingredients and fair trade products. Also just supporting artisan, local chocolatiers can go a long way on your sustainability journey.
Rubin Art
We love and brought along some of our chocolate friends to Evergreen: ChocoSol, Art Square Gallery and Café, and Rubin Art. And of course, made some new ones. Shout out goes to the chocolate teas of Tibos Teas, LPK’s Culinary Grooves (organic cakes and pastries, oh my!), and our kind neighbors from Corkstown Greens and Ying Ying Soy Food (the tofu Queen). Enjoy the photos from the event and see below for more info on Evergreen.
Vegan Cupcakes
Chocolate Tea
Chocolate Teas
Evergreen Brick Works is a community environmental centre that inspires and equips visitors to live, work and play more sustainably. Evergreen, a national charity, has transformed the former Don Valley Brick Works from a collection of deteriorating heritage buildings into an international showcase for urban sustainability and green design that is open year-round. It’s about making cities more livable.

Interested in learning more about raw food and fair trade chocolate? Be sure to check out our previous blog here

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