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From Bean to Bar, Chocolate Can be Produced Ethically

chocolocateteam — 1 year ago

This week's blog is provided by our friends at ChocoSol. ChocoSol creates a chocolate food that energizes and nourishes the soul. They combine socially just practices and a sense of community. Chrystal is a Pastry Chef/Chocolatier/Community Food Educator at Chocosol.

ChocoSol Loft
The cacao and coffee industries are the fastest growing in the world, meaning these commodities are in huge demand. You probably have at least one of these things in your daily diet but do you consider where it’s coming from?

Food in high demand often involves many food security issues directly related to farming practices and commodity pricing, so it’s important to ask questions.

5 Chili Bullet
Is that coffee fair trade? Is there any slave or child labour involved in the production of that cacao? These are the questions you should ask before you take that first sip of coffee in the morning, or indulge in that chocolate treat.

When it comes to food, knowing a direct source to a farmer means you can have a 100% traceable product. For example, you know that tomato you bought from your local farmer’s market was produced organically, because you can speak with the farmer yourself! It’s all about being connected to the source of your food.

ChocoSol Chocolate

Here is where ethical chocolate production comes into play.

Bean ?
Bean and pod
ChocoSol Traders produces chocolate ethically by:

  • Trading directly and horizontally with primary producers in Southern Mexico and focusing on sustainable agriculture
  • Offsetting carbon emissions from transporting the cacao with a strong bicycle technology initiative, which includes pedal powered chocolate grinders, blenders, trailers and cargo bikes
  • Stone grinding the cacao to ensure the nutritious and medicinal organic compounds remain in the chocolate
  • Refrains from adding conventional emulsifiers like soy lecithin, which can detract from chocolate’s natural flavour
  • Uses The Fuego Solar, a solar concentrator that roasts coffee and cacao with the power of the sun

Taste Ethical Chocolate for Yourself!

ChocoSol Selection
ChocoSol Traders is a social enterprise that uses artisanal chocolate as a symbolic product.
Sinful Vanilla
It’s chocolate that energizes and nourishes the soul, by combining socially just practices and a sense of community. At ChocoSol you will find a chocolate food that’s good for the mind, body and soul.

Learn more about ChocoSol Traders here:

*Blog provided by Chrystal Porter. Chrystal is a Pastry Chef/Chocolatier/Community Food Educator at Chocosol.

Interested in learning more about raw food and fair trade chocolate? Be sure to check out our previous blog here

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