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The Beanermunky Chocolate Experience

chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

Whether it’s Fathers Day, quirky gifts day, or just plain old mustache envy, The Beanermunky Chocolate Experience has got your upper lip covered- with chocolate root beer moustaches. Indulge in a chocolate selection ranging from the wacky to the decadent. Moustaches not your style? Then why not try the marshmallow madness or even a divine truffle from classic to exotic. The Beanermunky will have you going bananas in no time with it’s whimsical and harmonist approach to scrumptious, fair trade chocolate.

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As you might have guessed ‘Beanermunky’ is not actually a type of monkey but the combination of chocolatier, Lori Eisenberger son’s childhood nicknames. Now adults, these gentlemen are constantly reminded of the motherly love between a mother and her sons. Lori laughs, “Our oldest son Jacob had the nickname ‘Beaner’ and our younger son Mathew had the nickname ‘Munky’.” And you thought your mother pulling out the childhood family album was embarrassing.

To read more about Beanermunky Chocolates and it's cocoa selection, read more here

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