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holy cacao!


chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

The French have built an intense relationship with food and this is a culture that knows its Le Chocolat inside and out! For many chocolate is a basic food group and not to be messed with. Yet, the French still manage to be petite individuals, so they must be doing something right! From hand-crafted chocolate drinks (chocolatte) to delicate bon bons, truffles and pralines, there is something for the chocolate lover in everyone. Be sure not to rush and stroll on by the delicate window displays for chocolate art not found elsewhere in the world. It’s no surprise Choco-locate HAD TO add Paris to it’s listing. Bon Appetit!

Whether you’re a plane Jane, traditionalist or single origin connoisseur there is something for you to sink your teeth into! A chocoholic’s resource for everything chocolate, all the time.

New to Choco-locate Media for Paris- we want to hear from you!

Send us pictures of your favourite chocolates with the name of the store and your pics could be chosen to be uploaded to the app! We also welcome detailed and cheery descriptions before or after you satisfy that chocolate fix. Remember your participation entitles you to be entered in a draw for free dark chocolate, milk chocolate and even white chocolate watch this space for more details.

You can also help push your favourite chocolatier to the top of the listing simply by rating them and getting your friends to rate them. If you don’t see your favourites listed, tell us and before you can say ‘chocoholic’ or 'Lindt' they will be added.

The Choco-locate iPhone app is part of an interactive project devoted to premium chocolate which includes a website and a documentary, ‘Semisweet: Life in Chocolate’ on TVO.

What to find more info on other featured cities that focus on premium chocolate Be sure to check out our previous blog here

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