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Can Chocolate Absolve?

pria — 4 years ago

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Theobroma, the Latin name for chocolate, literally means food of the gods. Chocolatier Chantal Coady of London’s Rococo Chocolate has created a bar that may actually help purge sins! A few bites of the “Absolution” bar and you will realize that there is no need to ask for forgiveness when you can give yourself permission.

Many deny themselves chocolate... the condition tends to reach epidemic proportions during Lent, when faithful Christians reflect on their sins and acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice believed to have been made by Christ.

Chocolate splash provided by Free Digital Photos
The “Absolution” bar relies on creativity & social responsibility rather than self-denial; the promise of ethically-sourced ingredients absolves the eater of any previous promise to give up chocolaty moments, and buyers of the product can sleep easy knowing that substantial profits are donated to a local parish charity. More than 100,000 dollars have been raised to date!

If the label is to be believed, the gourmet bar could just be the cure to pre-Easter woes. Those waiting in penance can now have their (chocolate) bar and eat it too!

We all make our own chocolate choices... Often we settle for a familiar and affordable sugar fix. Or, we play the role of connoisseur and shell out big bucks for a blissful foodie moment. Should we prioritize taste or price over "choco-ethics"? Food for thought...

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