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Celebrity Chocolate Gawking

hillary — 3 years ago

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Which Star is the Biggest Chocoholic?

  • Brad Pitt


  • Ryan Gosling


  • Johnny Depp


  • Elizabeth Olsen


  • Ellen Page


The upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and its extensive array of celeb gawking opportunities (HI BRAD) got me thinking…if I was new to the city and looking for a sweet treat to give to my uber famous director- how would I know where to go? Besides if I am a celeb I am probably on some crazy diet and can only eat vegan chocolate or if I am Angelina (hey, I girl can dream OK) I will only purchase fair trade. Don’t worry Angie, Choco-locate has got you covered. Download the Choco-locate app and volà, an entire listing of artisan, vegan and fair trade chocolate in Toronto. Sorry for the shameless plug but listen here…

We all know that celebs love the scene in Yorkville, right? They practically live there during TIFF. With our handy Choco-locate app you just might be able to track them down indulging at one of the many chocolate stores in the area. My bet is on a celeb sighting in MoRoCo. I would put money on Brad getting a sweet treat there to bring back for his ever expanding family (sigh) and then head to the toy store ‘Kidding Awound’ to pick up some more gifts for the fam. If fact, I would get your chocolate to go and mingle around this toy store that is a celeb hot spot. The shop is so popular among Hollywood stars that it keeps extended hours during the Toronto Film Festival.


So here is my ultimate list of the most notable stars in town and what chocolate shops you will find them at. (You can thank me later by sending me your photos!). Our own born and bred Canadian cutie Ryan Gosling (goodbye Breaker High nerdy teen, hello Hollywood hottie) is in town. Fear not if you can’t snag a pair of tickets during TIFF though, most films have a wide release to the rest of the world Sept. 16. But spotting Ryan is a necessity. He knows Toronto so my bet is an appearance at Ambience Chocolat in Queen East to satisfy his chocolate craving. Why? Because it is the prefect place to escape the crowds and is located right beside a pet shop. Star gawker professionals know that Ryan doesn’t go anywhere without his beloved pooch, George. [Insert girl hand on forehead fainting]. And now you love him more…

Ryan is also bro pals with in another film hottie, George Clooney. George (Clooney, not Ryan’s dog) let's refer to him as 'Gorgeous George' will probably stick to the Yorkville scene and a chocolate treats from the Dessert Ladies is sure to suit his fancy. Wooing women is George’s fancy (both George’s in this case) so let’s just hope the Desert Ladies' husbands are not around for this special visit. George back off we’d like to keep them in Toronto.

Canadian Director Deppa Medda is at it again, asking questions of her audience and starting the conversation about world issues at this years TIFF. If she’s hunting around Toronto for a chocolate indulgence chances are you will find her at SOMA- where fair trade and organic are a staple. My bet is she is dishing out the issues over a Mayan Hot Chocolate, Short Intense Shot. An intoxicating elixir made of thick dark Venezuelan chocolate and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, orange peel and chili peppers, all in an intense shot. The newly opened King Street location is much closer to the TIFF box office, but if she’s smart she will hide away at their store in the Distillery District undisturbed by the chaotic downtown.

I’m really excited about Elizabeth Olsen coming to town! She’s the younger sister of the fashionable twin celebrities Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Whom I heart equally! I would keep my eyes glued to this lovely lady. Her starring role in Sundance last year put her on the map, not only for her raw talent but stunning and natural looks. With sisters in the spotlight since birth, you know she wouldn’t have even dared to venture into acting if it wasn’t for a strong love of the craft. My bet is she will be exploring Toronto somewhat under the radar and able to walk freely into most chocolate stores. I picture her checking out the AGO and walking across the street into Art Square Gallery and Café for a Black Pepper and Rosemary Truffle.

Last but not least of my top celebs to watch out for around town is Woody Harrelson. Woody might not be the hip and hot new star this year but I love that Woody has been caught doing sun salutations in a group yoga class at U of T from time to time. This longtime environmentalist is sure to be found cycling Toronto’s bike lanes. Hang out at the Carrot Common on the Danforth and you will catch him stocking up on his adored ‘More Than a Feeling’ chocolate bars from Living Libations. Woody has been an advocate of the raw chocolate bars sold by Living Libations and is even quoted on their site saying so.

All in all, once armed with the Choco-locate app you’re bound to run into a celeb or two. And if you’re hosting a TIFF party be sure to give the chocolate martini recipe below a shot. Provided by our own Choco-locate Producer, Lalita!

Chocolate Martini
TIFF Chocolate Martini:

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 3 parts mango juice

Serve in edible chocolate cups

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from Sept. 5-15. For information, visit

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