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Choco-locate and Talk Transmedia!

chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

Choco-locate's Producer, Lalita Krishna and Rob Woodbridge of got together via skype to dish out the wireless world, transmedia and everything digital! Check out the full video conference here

Here is just a sample of what they chatted about from website:

How a transmedia producer used mobile to create an audience for her documentary – with Choco-Locate creator Lalita Krishna By Rob Woodbridge

Mobile, combined with location, unlocks considerable value, we all know that. The thing that always surprises me is the sheer number of niche opportunities that this combination can bring to light. The obvious and most talked about area of impact has been the retail industry as a whole. The conversation usually slopes to the power of the consumer and the downward price spiral that location, mobile and complete pricing openness brings. The plight of the Big box retailers like Best Buy come to mind almost immediately.

But the stories that don’t get enough light when it comes to this dynamic combination are the hyper-local, hyper-niche retailers that are killing at it. For the first time since WalMart and Lowes and Barnes & Noble stormed the retail beach, smaller retailers have a new opportunity to influence consumer decision and steer them back to the shoppes of old. All thanks to mobile. All thanks to location. All thanks to the SoLoMo movement regaining steam (I say regaining steam here on purpose – we are witnessing “old school” community business rules coming back and mobile enabling that welcomed trend).

So what has this got to do with chocolate?

It, just like wine and coffee before it, is emerging as a niche market of fine local producers whose voice is starting to be heard and thanks to an app from Toronto company, Choco-Locate Media, they are using this mobile and location concoction to be found.

This might seem like a simple niche retail story on first blush but this is a deeper example of the use of mobile to create, support and engage a community for a greater cause. In this instance, founder Lalita Krishna used a mobile experience to start building an audience for her documentary on chocolate called SemiSweet. As you’ll hear, she started building the mobile aspects of her film at the same time she started preparing for shooting the film. And now that SemiSweet has been released, her product has morphed into a revenue generating platform and lives on in mobile perpetuity.

This episode is about more than her foray into the app space as we discuss the impact these new technologies are having on the way filmakers create and extend the life of their products as well as the transition and turmoil the industry as a whole is facing as a result of mobile and pervasive computing.

Chocola lover or not, this is a broader discussion on how disruptive a time we are living in and how the niche is the new mass market.

For take away tips and more, view the full article here

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