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Chocolate Gold for the Finish Line!

hillary — 3 years ago

chocolate gold

Running for chocolate?
With the Olympics coming to a close and the final finish line just around the corner what appropriate way to truly celebrate the Olympics then with chocolate!
chocolate milk
What do Athlete’s and chocolate have in common? Lots actually! Here are just a few of the chocolaty connections:

The pride of Yorkshire, triathlon Olympians Alistair and Johnny Brownlee have grown up with chocolate as their gold medals. At age 11 and 12 the awards they received for completing long marathons was quite often chocolate! The prizes handed out in those days were Cadbury cream eggs instead of gold medals. They have come a long way since there but their chocolate cravings remain.

Chocolate milk is the fuel of Athletes. After finishing the 50m freestyle Jessica Hardy was seen chugging down chocolate milk. And Hardy is hardly the only one reaching for the chocolate milk! Swimmer and Gold medalist, Nathan Adrian is just one of the athletes who indorses the US ‘got chocolate milk’ campaign.

Londontown is hot on the trail for a new and fresh chocolate scene! Here are just a few shops that caught our eye:

  • Rococo Chocolates in Knightsbridge: Ethical, fair trade chocolate and brilliantly crafted artisan bars. Our pick is the unique and limited edition ‘Grococo bar’. A exceptional cuvee that is the first chocolate bar to be transported by Fair Transport sail to the UK. Get this: you enjoy the chocolate, the producers get ALL the money – that’s 100% of the profits!

  • Artisan du Chocolat: it has been quoted as the “Bentley of chocolate’. Our fav is the Monogram Drawer Box. A luxury six drawer assortment box is inspired by the old fashioned ‘steamer trunk’ luggage and covered in a specially created Artisan monogram print with a leather strap. Fun fact: Artisan du Chocolat is credited with introducing the salted caramel to the UK back in 2003, as well as flavours including fresh mint and Iranian sun dried limes.

  • William Curley Patissier Chocolatier: Innovative flavours and artful designs on contemporary chocolates. Our pick: the thyme and Scottish Heather honey chocolate.

What’s your favourite artisan chocolate store in London? Let us in on the secret on facebook here and twitter @ChocoLocate!

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