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Chocolate, Meat Bacon

chocolocateteam — 2 years ago

I once had a friend who could eat a whole package of bacon in one sitting. In the generation of 'Epic Meal Time' (see the 'Slaughterhouse Christmas Special'- think a grotesque, meat filled, testosterone enhanced ginger bread house, only less gingerbread and more meat) it was only a matter of time that meat found its way into chocolate.


Meat and chocolate has been an ongoing trend for those chocolatiers brave enough to try it. And Tim English is just that guy. Tim owns Chocolateria, the latest addition to the Roncesvalles neighborhood. Tim isn't scared to try new things and is willing to just about dip anything into chocolate. He once dipped a big round of brie into dark chocolate with caramelized almonds, a man after my own heart. But back to the great meat debate. I apologize to all those vegetarians out there, perhaps now is the time to shield your eyes in terror.


Get ready
THE chocolate bar
I dared to jump into the chocolate meat market and see just what this trend is all about. A peanut butter bacon chocolate bar was my very first experience. I was a skeptic but it is a sinful and stunning combination. It’s the perfect mix of rich melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, smooth peanut butter and the subtle saltiness of the aftertaste of the bacon. Who knew. I am not alone on this one because they are flying off the shelves.
Chocolateria 1

Chocolateria is not the only one experimenting with chocolate meat, Xococava is also on board. They have a chorizo sausage chocolate truffle but Xococava is known for their mad science approach to chocolate. Take to their periodic table of chocolates for the ideal pairing of imaginative and indulgent flavors. And for you veggies gasping in the crowd, Daniel Le Chocolat Belge does a fake meat bacon truffle. Although I can't help picturing those doggie bacon treats I feed my dog. Who knows what’s in those. So take the plunge and explore the new meat trend in cuisine. You might just be pleasantly surprised. Happy chocolate meat hunting.

Your faithful chocolate hunter, Hillary

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