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A Chocolate Traveler

pria — 4 years ago

Chocolate, I love the stuff. I can talk about it at the drop of a hat and go on forever. So, it seems, can many others. There are chocolate books and bibles a plenty…. not to mention chocolate blogs about fine chocolates and just about any chocolate information you could want or need to know. One blog I visited had 349 pages of entries!

So what makes this blog special? Who is the “chocolate me”? Am I the chocolate gourmet? The chocolate gourmand? The chocolate guru? The choco coco? Perhaps I am simply a chocolate explorer, blending my love of food, anecdotes, social justice, art and living history with delicious discoveries and experiences.

I have been on chocolate quests for a long time now. I have been refining my experience of this wonderful stuff since I was three years old (just a choco baby) and had my first taste. Now I can only hope to spread the word, like Nutella on bread… or Mexican mole on turkey breast.


Pria in the Classroom
Several years ago started using chocolate as a teaching trigger in my classroom. It was enthusiastically received; the treat became a valuable teachable, engaging all students. History, math, took on authentic new dimensions, enlarging world views. My students tasted, tested, thought and theorized.

Pria in Chicago
Needless to say I soon became a chocolate traveler. Being a chocolate tourist is not only luxurious but rewarding. Chocolate stops along my tourist trails have stimulated my senses and informed my palate. Boutiques full of chocolate bling are divine designer havens, and not to be missed. But meeting the chocolate artisans, farmers and fair traders gives me an altogether different high; this kind of chocolate quest affirms my humanity and puts me in touch with amazingly creative people.
Cacao Workers in Africa

Today the way I use chocolate in a classroom has evolved. I now use chocolate to discuss social justice with my students. Hard though the topic may be, it still manages to interest almost each and every student.

pack ur bags
#Choco rocks!

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  • doreenpendgracs


    5 years ago

    We are cut from the same cloth! I, too, am travelling the world in search of the best chocolate. What an amazing journey it has been.

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