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Discover a World of Chocolate

chocolocateteam — 3 years ago

Christopher Columbus would be jealous of the opportunity to discover a world of chocolate at Chocolopolis! Here chocolate is serious business with over 200 chocolate bars from 20 countries to choose from in Seattle. This high-end, couture take on chocolate will have you feeling like a million bucks as they find your signature bar.

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Entering Chocolopolis is like entering a dark chocolate oasis. This is where owner, Lauren Adler stole our heart and attention. “Our collection of chocolate is focused on small-batch, artisan chocolate makers who use fine, flavour cacao to make chocolate,” explains Lauren. It’s not just any bag of beans that makes it’s way into these bars but each cacao bean is carefully selected for it’s unique flavour profile. “Much like a wine store, our large collection of single-origin chocolate is arranged by cacao origin, with sections devoted to cacao-growing regions.” The most popular beans come from Venezuela, Ecuador and Madagascar- Chocolopolis has them all!

To read more about Chocolate in Seattle and it's massive selection, read more here

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