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Artisan chocolate

Drum roll please...

chocolocateteam — 2 years ago

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Newsflash- chocolate doesn't make you fat! I met a wonderful chocolatier Simone Marie, from Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate who laughs in the face of the North American notion that chocolate makes you fat. She explains to me that in Belgium this is definitely not the mentality.

Chocolate is a way of life in Belgium and it is not out of the ordinary to partake in good chocolate everyday. "I am eating chocolate everyday, I don't think that I look very overweight," she giggles. It's true. Her slender frame is evidence to a chocolate balanced lifestyle well maintained.

If there is nothing I love more, it's a balanced lifestyle. I love food and at the same time am a self-proclaimed gym rat. I never want to feel guilty partaking in a well deserved chocolate treat. I can always hope to sweat it out later. So when someone tells me chocolate won't make you fat, you're my new love. Simone Marie goes on to explain that chocolate is good for you, but it has to be good chocolate. None of those added fats and fillers that you get in your average bar. Those certainly don't pass Simone Marie's test.

She offers her simple advice, if the list of ingredients is long- it should be gone. So next time when you take a look at the back of the dreaded ingredients listing and you see added fats like canola oil, palm oil, sugar, and on and on... then it's simply not good chocolate. And will only add to that muffin top. If the list is short: cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar- it's the good stuff. So heed Simone Marie's advice and enjoy her guilt-free authentic Belgian chocolates.

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