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Walkers Sea Salt

Expanding the Pallets of Die-Hard Tiger Cat Fans

hillary — 4 years ago

This quaint family run shop in Hamilton has been expanding the tastes of die-hard Tiger-Cat fans one chocolate at a time. Store manager Lori Rees, slyly leaves chocolate teases out on the counter to convert typical Mars bar eaters into sea salt caramel fanatics. In case you were wondering, it’s a touchdown!

Upon entering Walker’s Chocolates the aroma of chocolate fills the air, it’s hard to stop salivating. Lori laughs, “I shouldn’t tell you this but I have worked here for so long I don’t smell it when I come in anymore.” Despite Lori’s immunity she knows her Walker’s Chocolates and is more than happy to be your guide through everything the store has to offer. Whether it’s the trademark mint meltaways, or the classic mouth watering sea salt caramels, ask any Hamiltonian where they buy their chocolate and Walker’s is the first store to come to mind. Their smooth ginger dark chocolate releases a full fresh flavor of ginger that melts in your mouth not in your hand. Or try the eccentric looking Escargot with a swirl of caramel and marshmallow, all dipped in milk chocolate. Don’t worry there are no snails hidden inside. Unless, you want it in a chocolate mold that is.

To read more about Walker's Chocolates and it's cocoa selection, read more here

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