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Fine Chocolate Indulgences

chocolocateteam — 2 years ago

There is a thriving, robust market for “fine chocolate” – gourmet chocolate confections lovingly made using decades-old artisanal manufacturing methods. Indeed, the premier blends and daring flavor infusions found in fine chocolate create a multisensory experience of complete pleasure. Cacao beans of different origins are carefully selected and blended to create exciting flavor profiles. For those who consider themselves chocolate connoisseurs, there are a handful of world-class chocolatiers who provide a tantalizing range of treats.

More than 70 years ago in a small town in the Swiss Alps, Dolf Teuscher started a chocolate tradition infused with the finest marzipan, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients he discovered from his travels around the world. Today Teuscher is widely respected as a purveyor of fine chocolate confections to North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Richart is a family-owned business that has won France’s most prestigious confectioner’s honor, the Ruban Bleu, seven times. Their award-winning recipes involve a wide range of distinctive flavors, from roasted hazelnuts and fragrant jasmine tea to orange zest and passion fruit.

Amsterdam’s Puccinni Bomboni offers a refreshingly unique approach to fine chocolate. Their original handmade bomboni – artfully shaped pieces of dark, milk and white chocolate hiding all manner of fillings inside – contain wholly unexpected flavors like lemongrass, tamarind, pink pepper, and rhubarb. These three chocolatiers and their ilk are proof that “chocolate as craft” is a meaningful endeavor worthy of love and devotion.

Chocolate lovers across the globe – with their new found respect and appreciation for fine chocolate – are becoming increasingly aware of the social and economic consequences of their purchases. In 2011, British multinational retailer Marks & Spencer launched a carbon neutral line of chocolate products as part of their initiative in promoting sustainable retail. From pralines and truffles to dark chocolate bars, indulging in fine chocolate confections has never been more exciting.

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