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I am Wom'AN'

Just Another Gal Running the Show

hillary — 5 years ago

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Who is your Favourite Chocolatier in Toronto?

  • Leyla, Art Square Gallery and Cafe


  • Sharon, Chocolate by Wickerhead


  • David, SOMA


  • Jennifer & Jeff, Delight


  • Tim, Chocolateria


  • Other, Tell Us Who?!


Did you know Toronto has a beach? CONDO CITY has a beach! A breath taking waterfront boardwalk and no, I am not talking about the Harbourfront. I recently trekked to the Beaches to visit a new quaint and cozy chocolate shop that recently opened up in the neighbourhood. Although Chocolate by Wickerhead is new to the area, it is actually the return of long time resident and business owner Sharon Shoot. Thank heaven she’s returned with ‘oh my god’ truffles and moist creamy fillings. Welcome home, Sharon.

Sharon is running a one-woman show with a smile on her face. She literally does everything. She laughs when she tells me, “I am the one who makes the chocolates, cleans the windows and washes the dishes”. Sounds just like any average day in being a female. I like to think all females multitask at all times or maybe its just me? I am astonished when my man just cooks dinner. I cook dinner, do dishes, make lunch, clean the floor, all while talking on the phone. And don't burn a thing, thank you very much! So when Sharon tells me she's just another female running the entire show, it makes me smile from ear to ear.


Entering Sharon's shop is like a warm hug, she is inviting and delightful much like her chocolates. Kind of like that Mother you always wish you had. Within moments of meeting me she hands me a plate of chocolates. Every time we start discussing another chocolate of hers, she smiles and asks, "want to try?" Is that even a question?

Artisan bars
Her flavours are better than a cup of coffee to awaken the senses. And that says a lot coming from this caffeine crazed gal. Sharon worked with chocolate corporately for years and is known famously for her Belgian chocolate covered popcorn. It has been referred to as ‘crack popcorn’. But when the opportunity to start her own chocolate store landed in her lap, she jumped at the chance. “It’s perfect, it’s charming and it’s in the right area. This part of the city is very artisan, so people are much more open to trying things that are handmade and paying for it,” says Sharon.

This chocolatier still sells her ‘crack’ chocolate popcorn, but also a wide selection of delicate and mouth-watering truffles and chocolate bars. If you think Sharon’s popcorn is addictive just wait until you try her Wild Flower Honey and Passion Fruit chocolate. Sharon’s friend owns a bee farm, so she decided to design a chocolate around her wild flower honey. Sometimes passion fruit on its own can be too tart but with the mix of honey it’s like a creamy fruit smoothie. Now let me assure you, the honey mixed with the passion fruit is the perfect balance in flavour.

Single Malt Scotch
The refined connoisseur will utter a silent gasp at the Bowmore single malt scotch chocolate with it’s delicate on the tongue vintage scotch filling. Sharon uses mostly Belgian chocolate but she also uses single origin chocolate. “Which is very up and coming in the chocolate world,” says Sharon for its intense flavour. Think wine regions and the distinct flavour for each winery in the region. The same thing is catching on like wild fire in the chocolate world. Each location in the world produces a different cacao bean flavour that is unique to its region. You can actually taste the subtlety and nuances of the bean.

Like a fine wine Sharon's chocolate is building a following. It seems that even teenage boys have been taken a liking to her fine chocolates. “I have a lot of kids from school coming in, especially teenage boys. It’s really great they have gotten to know the difference in flavours and tastes of fine chocolate.” If you think Sharon’s chocolate following is Zen-like then you should try her solid Belgian chocolate Buddha.

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  • coffee


    5 years ago

    Chocolate By Wickerhead yummmmmm

  • finnigan


    5 years ago

    Sharon's chocolates (Chocolate by Wickerhead) are sublime! Great passion and talent go into all her products.....

  • MHiller


    5 years ago

    I vote for Sharon's chocolates - they are wonderful!!

  • annem


    5 years ago

    I vote for Sharon and her chocolates x 10.

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