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The Dark Side

The Lure of the Dark Side

hillary — 3 years ago

To dark chocolate or not to dark chocolate that is the question. Since the beginning of this chocolate experience, I realized it was time to explore the darker side of chocolate. I was always a milk chocolate kind of gal and very rarely do I opt for dark. Then and again before I started this project my most recent chocolate fix was a Twix bar (gasp).

Twix ?
The real stuff
I saw a co-worker indulging in one in private and I thought to myself, man that looks good. But now, after being given sample after sample of only the best European fine chocolate and indulged in the artisan, local, organic, fair trade variety- boy, have my tastes changed.

Should I?
Out with the Twix bar (I am almost embarrassed I even ate this, oh the shame!) and in with a whole new world of taste and flavour combinations. Suddenly, I am looking to the dark source and asking from which cacao bean this chocolate originates. Now, I am not going to go and poo-poo on the local mars bar consumer but don’t you find yourself unsatisfied after eating one? Almost like, man I want another? After having a square of a true dark chocolate, without the preservatives and oil, you feel merely satisfied. I guess when you take out all the fillers you begin to taste the chocolate in its purist form. And let me tell you dark chocolate is where it`s at.
Drinking Dark chocolate

Dark and full
Most recently, I met with Leyla the owner of Art Square Gallery and Café and she greeted me with a frothing Americano (sorry you don’t make friends with tea, as far as this gal is concerned.) She then left me alone for a few minutes with a plate of pistachio dark chocolate. I am hooked. I went back recently for more and to pick up some to give to my Mother who was in Toronto visiting. And needless to say the bag didn`t last nearly two minutes. You see I grew up in a household where cheese, chocolate and fresh bread are gone before they hit the table. If there is a wheel of brie in my house, it doesn’t last long. Picture vultures on a fresh carcass. So, I was hoping there would be some pistachio dark chocolates left over but much like the brie it vanished never to be seen again. I guess I will have to visit Leyla at the Art Square Gallery and Café again for a very urgent interview (wink, wink).

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