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Chocolate Skull

A Chocolate Wonderland

chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

Choco-locate partnered with The Luxury Chocolate show at the Roy Thomson Hall on November 4th. The hall was packed people crowded to sample free chocolates, truffles and delectable treats. The Luxury Chocolate Show is the finale to the Chocolate Festival, which provided a glimpse into the various ways in which chocolate (whether it's dark chocolate, white chocolate, premium or gourmet chocolate or just plain ol' milk chocolate) pervades every aspect of our lives.

Of course there were unlimited varieties of chocolates to sample, some were especially unusual and interesting (think spicy raw chocolate bars from Giddy Yoyo). Some were created for a specific purpose, like the series of bars from Brix, created to be paired with wines.


Chocolate mustache
Quite a few vendors had Movember themed chocolate mustache lollipops. Chocolate facial hair is the best kind of facial hair, in my opinion.

I enjoyed some non-traditional chocolate products too! The chocolate herbal tea from Herbal Infusions smelt like a chocolate-y slap in the face.

Mexican Pottery
They are partnered with Chocosol and had an amazing set up with things like chocolate skulls, Mexican dishware and raw cocoa beans that really made their booth that much cooler. No wonder there was a huge crowd in front of their booth.

Besides selling and tasting chocolate products, the show also had quite a few demonstrations that were decidedly impressive. Joseph Montinaro from Dolcini was creating a fantastic chocolate sculpture piece-by-piece through out the day and fielding questions from the crowd at the same time.

Chocolate Sculpture

You could even get a chocolate massage from the Divas on a Deal Chocolate Spa. That totally screams luxurious to me.

chocolate massage

There were also chocolate eating competitions, wine & chocolate pairing workshops & the opportunity to make your own truffles. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to spend an entire day reveling in all that is chocolate? What better way to end the chocolate festival then a show that celebrates great chocolate.

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