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Like Money For Chocolate?

pria — 3 years ago

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What kind of chocolate do you buy?

  • Convenience store bars


  • Fair trade


  • Belgian Chocolate


Dark Chocolate
What would you trade for this chocolate bar? I asked my daughter as I offered her a small chocolate bar. She offered me a piece of gum. No thank you! I recently read that a few ounces of milk chocolate-candy contains fat, sugar and milk solids, and about 4 – 8 cacao beans. That may not seem like much, but then again it only cost me $1.50 at the corner store.

Mexican Tradition

Of course, things are different now. Five hundred years ago those 4-8 beans would have gone pretty far; they could have been used to purchase a healthy meal. That's right... Back in 1513, cacao beans were used as currency - money actually did grow on trees! If Spanish conquistador’s records are anything to go by, those 4 -8 cocoa beans in a candy bar could buy you a pumpkin, fresh fish in a maize husk, and even a few avocados.
Chocolate production

What about dark chocolate? Another Google search and some calculation tell me that each of those bars could contain between 10 and 30 beans. In 1513 that would be a turkey, or a couple of rabbits! The rate to purchase a slave was 99 cacao beans. A whole human being for the equivalent of 10 dark chocolate bars... Wow.

Cacao Beans

A more serious thought brings me back to 2011: how many cocoa beans would it take to pay a Ivory Coast cacao plantation labourer a fair wage for a months worth of work?

Food for thought...

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