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Money Really Does Grow On Trees

hillary — 5 years ago

I seem to have a knack for killing plants. That green thumb of my mothers never quite passed down to me. However, I do have one plant that is flourishing- my money tree! It's still growing, not like the orchid that shrivelled up and retreated from my house. This money tree got me thinking... does money grow on trees? Well, I am happy to report it does! Err, it did. Cacao beans were once used as currency by the Aztecs and Mayans.

Cacao pod
These golden coins, grow in the cacao pods, that are the fruit of the cacao tree.
Does Money Grow on Trees?
So, money really does grow on trees! When Christopher Columbus first explored the Honduran Coast and took some cacao beans as souvenirs, he had no idea what they were. When a few spilled out of his pocket, a few of the Native Mayans eyes widened and made a quick grab for the beans. I am sure this seemed like an odd thing to do at the time. But it would have been the equivalent of throwing $20 bills into a city street. You better believe I would be all over that.
So, it's settled. Money really does grow on trees. Just not in North America. I wonder what would happen if I paid for my morning coffee, confidently with a handful of cacao beans?
How many cacao beans for this? :)

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