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Old Country Charm

hillary — 5 years ago

Old Country Gift Shop
Had a lovely interview with two chatty old gals from Old Country Gift Shop in Roncesvalles on Friday. The two German sisters were the classic European Grandmother with their, "Eat, eat, you're so skinny" and "Oh, you young people!" euphemisms. Don't let their age fool you, they had the vigour and whit of a young buck! The store has had some trouble with the construction woahs of the Roncey neighbourhood and I was more than happy to chat with these ladies and cover their store that has been around for 51 years.

It's sort of an odd ball of sorts but holds some European treasures in the form of golden bars. I won't bore you with the 50 syllable German names but the SCH-KA-KOLA stands alone. If your sensitive to caffeine turn away now.

This European gem is a chocolate with a kick. Consider it the Red Bull of the chocolate world. It takes the natural caffeine from cocoa, coffee, and cola nut extract to give you energy and keep you alert, awake and buzzing away. (I can see my faithful friends rolling their eyes). But seriously, after a long day of teaching dance today and the usual mid afternoon yaws that come with working 7 days a week (don't ask) I had two pieces and IT WORKED like a charm! The same effect of an espresso but without that harsh acid of a coffee. I certainly am not recommending this for everyone. There is a label on the tin, 'not for children or the elderly' that is slightly disconcerting. Not to mention the fact there probably is a good reason it isn't sold in Canada. Guh.

Anywho.. checked it out online didn't find any major warnings: But of course go and see my gals, Helga and Karin at Old Country Gift Shop to pick up a tin if you are looking for a little boost. Nurses on the night shift swear by it.

Mozart Chocolat
OK where were we… Awe, yes- Old Country Gift Shop. Here are some random, only blog worthy highlights from my interview. I love having chats with those wiser beyond my years. I am of the belief they have so much to teach us and are great observers of 'young people today'. But every now and again they can say something that makes me go WTF? So, we are chatting about the hand painted German wooden easter eggs in the store. And Helga says, "You can fill them with chocolates or pantyhose. " Huh? Who puts pantyhose inside easter eggs? Pure journalistic gold!

More gems
OR how about the story they told me regarding the mother who came in with her son who, "Didn't want to go to his party. He was having party troubles. So she bought him some of their chocolate covered figurines. And it worked." Now I am beyond confused. What are they talking about? Party troubles? This little boy doesn't like to go to birthday parties. What is going on? They continue, "And the boy is now big and he still comes to the store today. They call him mister potty". Oh, potty! He was having potty troubles! Toilet training. And the mother used their chocolate to potty train the little boy. Ew. I think this is something that comes with age, talking freely about the private porcelain. Anyways, they begin describing how they often see four generations literally grow up with their store and with their chocolate.
I continue to get some great and useable stories (thank you very much) out of these two betties and the article writes itself. I will be going back soon when my espresso crack chocolate runs out. I hope this has in some way intrigued you to do the same. They also sell beautiful hand crafted 'jumping jack' toys for children, Babushkas and real German beer steins that are nothing short of beautiful. Please support local and family run businesses. I will leave you with a great quote from Helga, "I say thank you so many times in a day I have lost count. You just don't get that anymore." Agreed.

For more on the chocolate goldmine at Old Country Gift Shop check out the article here:


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