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Old World Charm and Family Tradition

hillary — 4 years ago

For fifth generation pastry chef and chocolatier, Heinrich Stubbe chocolate is a way of life. It’s a family tradition that he is proud to pass down to his ‘kinders’ like his Father before him. His children, Daniel and Anne are now the sixth generation of Stubbe pastry chefs, carrying on the family tradition. In the conventional German fashion Stubbe’s is in fact a pastry shop in Ottawa, they just happen to specialize in chocolate. There are no complaints here. With selections like Irish coffee, peach & champagne, nougat praline, and gingerbread you can refer to this place as whatever you want!

Heinrich literally grew up in the chocolate business, his family lived on the top floor of their chocolate shop in Germany. “Because the business was on the main floor and the apartment was on the second floor the chocolate business was always present,” laughs Heinrich. And with little hesitation he was put to work right away.
“I started as early as possible with the little chores like cleaning the kitchen and then I graduated to more elaborate work.” The chocolate business came quite naturally for Heinrich and at 16 he was already fully immersed in a chocolate apprenticeship. Surprisingly, Heinrich never felt pushed into the family chocolate business. “It’s quite funny my Father first said, ‘no don’t go into the family business. You have to put too many hours in.’ But it came very naturally to me and I loved it ever since. I never thought to do something else.” Chocolate is simply in the Stubbe’s families blood. Both of Heinrich’s children tried other professions by found that chocolate was their calling. “It makes it more worthwhile to get up in the morning because it is not just a job it’s a responsibility to be inherited.” As I bite into a moist and creamy truffle I can assure you they all made the right choice.

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