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Peanut Butter and Mint Smoothies, Oh My!

chocolocateteam — 3 years ago

If Rheo Thompson Candies could figure out how to bottle the scent of chocolate in their store they’d make millions. Until then they’ll stick to making candies and chocolate. The aroma upon entering their store is intoxicating; you’d be crazy not to leave with a box full of your favorite chocolate fix.

Rheo Thompson Candies has been in the chocolate biz well before Stratford’s latest claim to fame, Justin Bieber, was even born. Satisfying the chocolate cravings of residents and visitors since 1969, to be exact. And not much has changed since then. Today, President Kristene Steed is proud to describe the store as, “A traditional candy maker and fairly iconic in Stratford.” Their chocolates are still dipped in tradition with an emphasis on classic flavor combinations. “You’re never going to find chocolate dipped scorpions here,” laughs Kristene in the face of the current experimental and wacky chocolate trends. At Rheo Thompson they know their creature comforts and besides, why mess with a good thing? “People have been buying our smoothie chocolate combinations for over 40 years,” explains Kristene. And with the perfect flavor profile of smooth milk chocolate and creamy mint blended center, it’s clear what keeps customers coming back, year after year.

To read more about Rhoe Thompson and it's chocolate selection, read more here

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