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The Quintessential Chocolate-Covered Cherry

chocolocateteam — 3 years ago

What do Isaac Newton and Pam Montgomery have in common? Both were hit by a fruit when their life altering ideas hit them! While, Pam’s bonk on the head might not have change the course of physics, it’s equally as important in the realm of chocolate covered fruit. Pam owned an orchard and the season for cherries is short. So, Pam thought why not dry the cherries when they are fresh so they can be eaten all year round? In 1988, Pam leased a building from the local Port authority and opened a factory and storefront. But fruit was just the beginning. While vacationing in Europe, Pam tasted fruit covered with delicious chocolate- Eureka! Dried fruit is great but chocolate is universal!

Pam began packaging the bounty from her cherry orchard, combining flavours and coverings. Her chocolate covered cherries became so popular that she decided to launch a second store in Pike Place Market. Any trip to Seattle is incomplete without a visit to the historical Pike Place Market! Whether it’s the flying fish or local fresh produce that draws you into the market there is no questions the perfect way to end your visit is with dessert at Chukar Cherries. Store Manager, Nicole along with Assistant Manager, Alison entice visitors to taste free chocolate. Their enthusiasm that is contagious that it’s hard to leave the market without a smile on your face- and the chocolate doesn’t hurt either! Some people are drawn into the commotion but most end up with hands laden with goodies.

To read more about Chukar Cherries and it's cocoa selection, read more here

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