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  • Spring Shapes

    Easter Delights

    chocolocateteam — 1 year ago

    Artisan Easter Eggs

    Truffle Gift Box
    Spring Lollies
    Spring is in the air and it seems just about everyone has a hop, skip and a jump in their step. Easter is around the corner and refreshing new tastes and flavours are awakening the palate once again. So long pumpkin spice and those heavy ganaches. Hello to strawberry purees and rejuvenating rose and lavender flavour filled chocolate delights. Odile Chocolat has just the thing for spring and she has just started to display her spring product in the front window of her shop at Dundas and Euclid.

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  • Holy cacao!

    Choco-locate in San Fran!

    chocolocateteam — 2 years ago


    San Francisco is a food mecca allowing gourmet foodies of all types to indulge in vast flavours and cultures. But you may to surprised to note that a few unusual foods actually come from the San Fran area. For example, the Popsicle is a San Fran native and was first invented in the San Fran area by an eleven-year-old chap! Now that food on a stick is an everyday go to, we have Frank Epperson to thank for the original refreshing snack. The Popsicle was first invented in 1905. Did you know some other San Fran inventions include the fortune cookie, Cioppino (a fish stew) and the Chicken Tetrazzini?

    But more importantly, can you guess why choco-locate ventured there? Not just for some Nestle chocolate or Neuhaus chocolate, but for their local chocolatier of course! Yes, choco-locate has added San Fransicso to their long list of chocolaty locations!

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  • Chocolate Gold for the Finish Line!

    hillary — 3 years ago

    chocolate gold

    Running for chocolate?
    With the Olympics coming to a close and the final finish line just around the corner what appropriate way to truly celebrate the Olympics then with chocolate!
    chocolate milk
    What do Athlete’s and chocolate have in common? Lots actually! Here are just a few of the chocolaty connections:

    The pride of Yorkshire, triathlon Olympians Alistair and Johnny Brownlee have grown up with chocolate as their gold medals. At age 11 and 12 the awards they received for completing long marathons was quite often chocolate! The prizes handed out in those days were Cadbury cream eggs instead of gold medals. They have come a long way since there but their chocolate cravings remain.

    Chocolate milk is the fuel of Athletes. After finishing the 50m freestyle Jessica Hardy was seen chugging down chocolate milk. And Hardy is hardly the only one reaching for the chocolate milk! Swimmer and Gold medalist, Nathan Adrian is just one of the athletes who indorses the US ‘got chocolate milk’ campaign.

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Choco-locate in the Media

Choco-locate in Ontario Business Report

When award winning filmmaker Lalita Krishna was in Silver Springs, Maryland, pitching PBS on her new documentary "Semi-sweet," she found herself in a mall looking for some of the sweet stuff to take to the meeting. That's when she had a "light-bulb moment" about the perfect "transmedia" extension to her documentary about "the world of chocolate," which she was proposing to shoot at locations in Africa, Europe, the US and Canada. To read more click here.

Semisweet on the Radio

  • Listen to Director Michael Allcock speak about the film on 570 News Kitchener Waterloo click here.

  • Check out Ron and Nadine being interviewed live on Moose FM 93.5 Radio

  • Tune in live on June 6th to Haliburton Radio (Canoe 100.9 FM)

  • Tune in live on June 8th to the CBC's Lang/O'leary show

Semisweet in the Press

Semisweet in the Globe and Mail


'Film tells the not-so-sweet side of chocolate'

What do you think of when you think of chocolate? Decadence? Dieting? An industry rife with exploitation and labour abuses?

Toronto director Michael Allcock offers a peek at the various sides of chocolate in the new documentary Semisweet: Life In Chocolate, airing on TVO on June 6. The film tells four stories – of Ron Obadia and Nadine Artemis, two raw food enthusiasts; of employees who live and work in Hershey, Pa., known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth” and more. To read more click here.

Did you know?

Chocolate is rich in phenolics, the same heart protective antioxidants found in wine. Indulgence? I call it self preservation!

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