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hillary — 3 years ago

Cora's Kitchen Delights

Our Private Tour Group
Put your walking shoes on and dig your heels into the hustle and bustle of Kensington Market. This unmistakable and unique neighbourhood is home to graffiti covered walls, eccentric artists, one of a kind shops and GREAT eats! So, it makes perfect sense to give Toronto foodies and tourist exactly what they want out of this neighbourhood- a sweets tour! These shoes are made for walking and this belly needs to be full! Foodies unite! (Insert three long strides, jump, high five!)

Audrey Ooi is the girl genius behind Tasty Tours and believe me she has done her homework. Did you know that at the end of the ’Seven Years' War’, France decided to trade French Canada (including Quebec) for sugar-producing islands, such as St Lucia? (Yes, we could have lost our precious, ever humble and reserved Quebecois.) Audrey is full of these tasty facts, as I met the tour group on a rainy Friday at a Chinese bakery on Dundas and Spadina. The tour begins here at the Butterfly Bakery over a plate of flaky egg tarts to assemble and get down to eating. What’s an egg tart you ask? Picture a buttery and crumbling pastry shell fill with an egg custard. Think quiche meets mini apple pie. After finishing our egg tarts (and me taking a mental note to come back for a steal of a deal, what resembles a massive chocolate Swiss roll affordably priced at only $3.99, unheard of!) we are on the move. Audrey doesn’t miss a beat and we are off to the heart of Kensington Market.

Cookies with Fresh Jam
Standing beside Audrey is like walking with a human pastry and chocolate encyclopaedia. She is a wealth of knowledge and it’s easy to tell this is her passion. The tour is busy, thanks to a recent Groupon venture.
Vegan Cupcake Beauties
And Audrey is all smiles, despite the rain and juggling this tour gig with her full time job. "Did you know cupcakes also used to refer to a method of baking a cake using cup measurements, not just the dessert treat we call a cupcake? " says Audrey.

We have conveniently stopped in front of Cora’s Kitchen. The group piles into the cozy shop and sure enough there is Cora and the most decadent cupcakes. Colourful frosting and rich, moist cupcake base- yum! If you haven’t checked out Cora’s pastry delights you are in for a treat. Arisanal perfection, the freshest of ingredients, and a little love to our Vegan friends. If Cora wasn’t such a hottie I would say it’s like entering your Grandmothers kitchen. Then we are handed the most perfect cupcake and the group is all smiles! Audrey lets us in on some more educational facts and suddenly we all forget about this miserable, rainy day.

Chocolate Addict
The tour is off to our next stop to the Chocolate Addict and I get my chocolate fill! If you haven’t been to the Chocolate Addict before, check out our featured article here and be sure to try the green tea truffle. Now by this point I am getting pretty stuffed and we are only half way. My biggest advice, come on an empty stomach. You have been warned!
Chili Truffle
Hit the pavement and eat your way through the glory that is Kensington Market. I don’t want to give away all of Audrey’s secrets so I will leave out some of the other stops on the tour. But let me tell you, they are pretty sweet. And did you know that marshmallows used to come from the sap of a marshmallow plant? Yah, me either. Sign up for a tour today at

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