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TVO Serves Up the Sweet and Dark Sides of Chocolate

chocolocateteam — 4 years ago

Tune in to TVO on December 11th at 7 pm ET to watch the much applauded documentary Semisweet: Life in Chocolate.

Award-winning Ontario filmmaker Michael Allcock visits a free-spirited chocolate-loving couple in Haliburton, Ontario and discovers what makes cocoa-town Hershey, Pennsylvania so special, while following the personal journey of extraordinary characters whose lives have been intrinsically transformed by chocolate.

For these people chocolate drives their lives, shapes their actions, haunts their thoughts, brightly colours their dreams - and darkens their nightmares. At its darkest, chocolate production is a gateway into a world where African child labourers often suffer violence - even death. Semisweet: Life in Chocolate links stories from across Africa, North America and Europe - connected solely by chocolate. Although the paths of the characters have never directly crossed - their lives are interwoven through their relationship with chocolate.

And that's not all: After watching the documentary if you want to satisfy your sweet cravings you can download the free choco-locate app from the iTunes store here

Want to learn more about Semisweet and chocolate? Be sure to check out our previous blog here

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