The Belgian Chocolate Shop

2455 Queen St. E Toronto, ON, M4E 1H7

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The Belgian Chocolate Shop

Artisan chocolates with fresh ingredients all made in this self proclaimed ‘chocolate church’. Friendly family atmosphere where the love for Belgian chocolate is contagious.

We specialize in...

  • Artisan
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade

A chocolate sanctuary of Belgian tradition awaiting you in the Beaches at The Belgian Chocolate Shop. The love for all things chocolate is contagious in this quaint shop. You simply can’t go wrong with these traditional delights.

Patricia Cohrs won’t call herself a chocolatier, despite making chocolate for over 25 years. The modest owner and creator of fresh Belgian chocolate prefers the term artisan. “I don’t call myself a chocolatier, I am more like an artisan,” Patricia’s enthusiasm for chocolate is infectious. “I have been making chocolate for over 25 years and I have the best job,” she giggles.

The store is family run and Patricia works along side her daughter and son in the summer months. Her son works in the production side of things and to Patricia’s astonishment is making chocolate like a natural. When she asked him how he picked up the recipes he was quick to reply, “Mom, half my blood is chocolate.”

Visit Patricia and her family at The Belgian Chocolate Shop Tuesday to Friday 11-7 and Saturday 11-9.

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Our Favourites

May we recommend...
  • Grand Marnier

    Grand Marnier

    Grand Marnier and whipped butter cream.

  • Citron


    Fresh lemon and whipped buttercream.

  • Souris


    Crushed walnut in hazelnut cream, available in milk or dark chocolate.

  • Caramel


    Soft caramel cream, available in milk or dark chocolate.

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