The Chocolateria

361 Roncesvalles Ave , M6R 2M8

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The Chocolateria

‘Willy Wonka for adults’. Fun, friendly and original. Re-live your childhood while delving into fresh and unusual flavours. All natural and hand-picked ingredients.

We specialize in...

  • Artisan
  • Vegan
  • Raw
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade

Each truffle is hand dipped with so much precision and care that it is hard to believe Tim English was a lawyer for 20 years. Now he has leapt head first into the chocolate business by opening The Chocolateria. The store is new to the Roncesvalles area and Tim describes it as a “Willy Wonka for adults”. It seems he’s a long way from his days as a litigator. The store’s emphasis is on fun- so sit back with a bag of chocolate dipped potato chips and enjoy the ride.

This ‘fun house’ features an artisan black currant puree truffle infused with a liqueur cremede. Ride the carousal of white chocolate and melted barley with in-house made toffee. All dipped in 70% Calabo brand chocolate. Beyond his truffles, Tim’s philosophy is to take all the delightful childhood staples: jube jubes, popcorn, sponge toffee and use only the best and premium ingredients. Now add an adult palate and dip them all in the finest Belgium chocolate. Perfection! Tim’s chocolate is guaranteed to satisfy your inner child. There really is something for everybody, every budget, as well as every kind of chocolate connoisseur.

The Chocolateria’s focus on the product, and not the packaging, means good value for your chocolate money. “You don’t feel like you are paying a fortune for fancy bows, ribbons or labels. What you are paying for is really good chocolate”, Tim explains. The store strives on being original - unique combinations designed to wake your taste buds such as peanut butter/ bacon or salt n’ pepper bars. And both are huge sellers. It’s the perfect combination of rich melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, and the subtle saltiness of the bacon. I too was a skeptic but it is a sinful and stunning combination. I am not alone on this one because they are flying off the shelves. The Chocolateria is known to dip just about anything in chocolate, even a big round of brie (coated in dark chocolate with caramelized almonds). Tim hasn’t counted out bugs, either. “I am sure at some point I’ll be dipping bugs just for fun,” he claims. I think I’ll stick to the bacon, thanks.

It's worth the trip to Roncesvalles, despite the construction woes! Roncey will once again become one of the premiere shopping destinations in the city with its family friendly and walkable appeal. So grab a tray and hit up The Chocolateria before this crazy ride is packed to capacity.

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