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Chocolates and Creams

Internationally renowned Manon Belgium chocolates overlooking the boardwalk on Toronto’s Harbourfront. Handcrafted chocolates including the ‘Spoutnik’, which takes over three days to make.

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An evening walk overlooking the shoreline of lake Ontario on Toronto’s Harbourfront is the perfect escape from the city. This is the backdrop for Chocolates and Creams and chocolate admirers line up in droves during the busy summer months. Belgian chocolates and gourmet ice cream, there is no better treat on a warm summer night.

Chocolates and Creams is the only store in Canada that carries the delectable Manon line of chocolates. Manon is a high-end small chocolate manufacturer in Belgium and are internationally recognized as one of the finest chocolatiers in the world. Their chocolates are all carefully hand crafted and there are no machines to speak of in the chocolate making process. Each truffle is treated like a jewel and some of their individual truffles take over three days to make. All are made with natural ingredients, fresh cream and are imported on a monthly basis from Belgium to the Chocolates and Cream store. Savor a Spoutnik chocolate with layers of crème fraîche, almond paste and orange buttercrean. And yes, they resemble the first satellite’s conquest through space. The craftsmanship is a beauty that cannot be overlooked before popping the whole chocolate into your mouth. Enjoy a Bouchon Praline with layers of hazelnut crème fraîche, French cognac buttercream topped with gold. Fruit lovers will also enjoy the Cerisette (chocolate covered cherries filled with cherry brandy) or the Grappe made with natural crème fraîche. Take these enchanted top four chocolates and enjoy them while taking a leisurely stroll along the Harbourfront boardwalk.

Chocolates and Creams’ success is not only due to its prime location but the keen interest of it’s business owner, Steven Perry. Steven originally opened Chocolates and Creams as a business venture. His quick business sense told him that with the right chocolates and marketing the small store could be transformed into a commercial success. However it wasn’t until some years later that he found out that chocolate was indeed in his blood. “It wasn’t until many years later that I found my grandfather and to some extent my father actually had an ice cream and confectionery store in England. It was in my blood but I didn’t know it,” says Steven. Today he sees the store as more of a way of life, working alongside his wife at the chocolate counter.

You can visit Steven and his fine Belgium chocolates at Chocolates and Creams Monday to Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday to Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 10-6.

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  • Spoutnik


    Layers of crème fraîche, almond paste, and orange buttercream. Takes three days to make.

  • Cerisette


    Cherries with stone filled and cherry brandy.

  • Grappe


    Natural crème fraîche.

  • Bouchon Praline

    Bouchon Praline

    Layers of hazelnut, crème fraîche, and French cognac buttercream topped with gold. Takes three days to make.

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  • chocolate lover

    chocolate lover

    5 years ago

    Huge lineups on hot days
    Ice creams r grt with their chocolates

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