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Cook up something delicious and experiment with imaginative and indulgent flavors. Select from their periodic table of chocolates. Artisan, vegan and fair trade selection.

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  • Artisan
  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade

Science and chocolate may seem like an odd match but at Xococava they’re the perfect marriage. Select from their periodic table of chocolates for the ideal pairing of imaginative and indulgent flavors. You’re sure to cook up something delicious. Xococava (pronounced “Cho-co-cava) is one of the increasing number of chocolate stores that are truly experimenting with flavours and pairings, and they have it down to a science. Xococava’s chocolates are organized by 25 assorted chocolates, laid out on a periodic table of elements. The chemistry created in all these chocolate creations is nothing short of fantastic. So take the plunge and experiment with something new and excite those taste buds. Open daily 10-10.

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  • Coriander Lime Truffle

    Coriander Lime Truffle

    Milk chocolate shell with lime zest and coriander infused, drizzled in a dark truffle. Hand-coated and rolled.

  • Amareno Cherry Bomb

    Amareno Cherry Bomb

    A soft chocolate cherry ganache and amarena cherry with rolled crunched almond meringue cookies.

  • Black Trumpet Mushroom

    Black Trumpet Mushroom

    Dark chocolate square truffle shell with dried black trumpet mushrooms.

  • Black Olive

    Black Olive

    Dark chocolate ganache with fresh salted olives and white chocolate shell.

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